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This scent is definitely 'noir' in feel with a phenomenal amber accord that runs throughout that recreates a cozy warmth once the drydown hits.

The jasmine accord in the heart notes creates this soft and intoxicating soapiness.

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Just from pure curiosity I tried one last week while walking through duty free shop. It was something totaly different, just some alchocol based uninspiring scent.

It smells a lot like Paloma Picasso, with a dry mossy patchouli leather and a soapy character.

There is a fun gourmand movie popcorn accord in there too.

And yes, this scent was so known to me, that I remembered maybe 10 deodorants, 5 after shave splashes, 2 shaving creams and couple of people in the past simultanously. I would pay 5 times more if it was performing at least average.

And regretting why I didn't try it when I saw it lying at the bottom shelves... You can enjoy the scent for what maybe 2 hours max, then it's almost totally gone.

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