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All the way through time, whether it's 'The Rover' or 'In The Light' or wherever you want to end up calling to you, loads of different songs have had reflections based on experience.

I think that by the time I got to Mighty Re-Arranger, I had just come out of the Dreamland period of creating trippy music based on the gifts of the musicians around me.

But he sounds happy to be back on the road with an eclectic line-up of mainly British musicians.

“I was attracted to Nashville, a whole font of great music and amazing players, but if you can find anybody after six o’clock, I’ll give you a tenner. It’s nothing like the group van getting stuck in the mud cause you’ve been in the back all night with some chick, and the band are all shivering outside trying to push the van out.” Discussing his lifelong musical enthusiasm, he says: “I wanted to find America, in all its different colours and horizons, that’s been my trip.

Now living back in the UK after spending several years residing in Austin, Texas, Plant is, appropriately enough for a Wolves fan, as much of a musical wanderer as he is a geographical one.

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I thought of all the girls I know She said when the next one arrives You'll be looking into her eyes Oh, yeah Oh, yeah Mmm Left there in a hurry Looking forward to my big surprise The next day I discovered That the fortune teller told me a lie I hurried back down to that woman As mad as I could be I said I didn't see nobody Why had she made a fool out of me?

Hardly "banging your adopted daughter" level creepiness.

‘The other day, my ex-wife presented me with a wallet that had been lost since 1967,” says former Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant.

Lunch is a sandwich grabbed from the deli across the road.

He grumbles, with much humour, about having “an IT nightmare” because his laptop has crashed with files of his band jamming that he intended to use to write new songs.

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