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The island's position in the middle of the Øresund gave it some military significance during the two World Wars.In 1912, the Danish government constructed the Flakfortet (sand-shoal fort) on the Salthom Flak sands just north of the island proper, stationing a number of artillery pieces ranging in calibre from 47 mm to 290 mm.The current inhabitants manage the farm Holmegård on a nature reserve in the northwest of the island to maintain the grass for nesting birds.The existence of the island is first attested in 1230, when King Valdemar II of Denmark is recorded as having given Saltholm to Bishop Niels Stigsen of the see of Roskilde.Because of its importance as a wildlife sanctuary, access to Saltholm and its surrounding waters is strictly controlled.Access to the island is via a small harbour at Barakkebro, at the north end of Saltholm.It is a relatively new landmass in geological terms, having risen from the sea about 4,000 years ago due to post-glacial rebound, and is surrounded by a large area of shallow water (of 2 m depth or less) that covers an area of 28 km Saltholm's vegetation is dominated primarily by grasses, with its landscape consisting mainly of flat chalk meadowlands and coastal meadow.

The nearby Copenhagen Airport at Kastrup has long been the busiest airport in Scandinavia but has suffered from an acute shortage of space and its proximity to built-up areas.In the internationally acclaimed Danish-Swedish detective series The Bridge, Saltholm provided the climactic location in the final episode of the third season, first broadcast in 2015. Gunnar Ørskov har siden 1980 holdt i hundredevis af foredrag og kurser og er i dag en kendt og efterspurgt foredragsholder.The island is Denmark's largest grazing area for geese, some 7,000 of which visit during the summer.Around 3,500 juvenile swans also live on the island in the summer, with some 2,000 wintering there.

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