Dating an older virgo man

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You should believe this cause at least you end up being together for 13 years instead o 1 yr, and because the prediction for virgo and capri for that period of the year warned ab a break up for Capri and a heartbreak for virgo. In all my life I've only met one Capricorn man since I've started dating, honestly this article is very much describing him in every shape and form..

I recomend the youtube channel marie moore horoscope, she is excellent... I'am very happy and definitely looking forward our future.

"Total harmony" - so says the compatibility horoscope regarding the union of a Capricorn man and Virgo woman.

Someone who is spontaneous (good) is also impulsive (bad).

Being a really perfect couple, they seem made for each other.

In the presence of a Capricorn man, Virgo woman acquires greater practicality, she becomes more focused and persistent in achieving her goals.

They will preserve their feelings till old age, and will never betray their love for one another through cheating and lies.

I am a virgo, who have dated guys from other zodiac signs that never seemed to woo me like the recent date with my Capricorn, after just one date he made me feel like i am a Disney princess, he is definitely worth losing my glass slipper to, he proves to be loyal enough to bring it back to me...

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