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As these cases are often more complicated the fees for them are higher.

The initial fee, payable at submission of a claim, for Type B issues is £250.

If the Employment Judge doesn't send you the reason for its decision you can request a copy of the reasons in writing within 14 days.

If you are successful, you may be awarded financial compensation for the way you have been treated.

The open letter to Mr Lidington, led by shadow minister for diverse communities Dawn Butler MP, states that Employment Tribunal fees have “disproportionately impacted on women and diverse communities”, highlighting that many people have subsequently not been able to afford to bring cases to court in the first place.Withholding relevant documents could have serious consequences.If you know documents exist which have not been sent to you, you should apply for an order requiring your employer to send them to you. You may just rely on your own statement or you may ask others to prepare statements in support of your case.“We would therefore like to ask what plans you have to recompense all those individuals who were unable to progress their claims due to the fees?These fees blocked access to justice to so many people and potentially ruined lives, so it is essential that the Government makes amends to them.” It proceeds to state that as well as pledging the repayment of up to £32m to claimants who were able to take their cases forward, it should also “outline this commitment in detail” and make clear the timescale for these repayments, adding: “Every person should be paid back in full and as soon as possible.” The MPs add at the end of the letter that the Ministry of Justice should reveal how much was spent on fighting the case, demanding: “Finally, we would like to know how much public money has been spent by the Government in fighting this case in court?

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