Frosty1 biker dating posts

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Don't forget to check the helmet laws for the states that you are going to be going thru, and there is one map online that gives you helmet laws for all 50 states. Sturgis is a bit far though I would love to go someday. I've been up and down the east coast too many times..

If he's always coming up with an excuse not to drive, he might be hiding his motorcycle.

It's easy to tell if he's a biker if his jacket is covered with patches relating to motorcycles and motorcycle riding.

But what if his patches don't directly relate to biking?

People who ride motorcycles everywhere often have to make up some excuse as to why they can't pick up their dates.

Sometimes, they'll give it a try anyway, but there are many women out there who don't want to ride on the back of a motorcycle.

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