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The dead woman, it was noted, seemed to have been posed.She was lying on her back with her arms raised over her shoulders and her legs spread in an obscene imitation of seductiveness.She couldnt help but feel a little depressed as she looked out over the deserted area.

Like all of the other pretty girls before and since, Elizabeth (who preferred the name Beth) came to Hollywood hoping to make it big in the movie business.On January 15, 1947 a housewife named Betty Bersinger left her home on Norton Avenue in the Leimert Park section of Los Angeles, bound for a shoe repair shop.She took her three-year-old daughter with her and as they walked along the street, coming up on the corner of Norton and 39th, they passed by several vacant lots that were overgrown with weeds.What they discovered was a complex maze that led them into the shadowy side of the city.... Elizabeth Short was an aspiring actress who usually dressed entirely in black.Thanks to her nice figure and attractive face, men easily noticed her.

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