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They’re fake bits of wisdom meant to encourage you and keep you on the path to finding love. But I am saying that it’s time for you to reconcile with this fear you have of ending up alone. All their lives they’ve heard the same things over and over again. It’s time to get comfortable with it being just you, because that may be how it turns out. Total Vogue like beauty in her youth but could not find a man who would love her. Moxie goes even further: “I would guess that confirmation bias is one of the leading reasons why so many men and women who seek long term commitment end up 40 or older and single. Because if you truly make finding a relationship a priority and you develop your own belief system based solely on your experiences and your experiences alone, your opportunities will increase ten fold.In psychology, they call this a “self-fulfilling prophecy”.Put your focus on really liking yourself and believing that the types of guys you like also like you…The more you like yourself and believe that you can have what you want, the more likely you actually will.Now, in the remaining part of the article, I’m going to talk about ways that you can tell if he likes you.

Maybe the paramour found a way to get to him or her, rekindled the passion and convinced your spouse that he or she will never be happy without them.

If you’re going to read it, keep in mind that is way more important than what you do.

So make sure you let the first part of what I said sink in.

Then you began to vacillate, worrying that you must be right but telling yourself that surely you aren’t.

When you asked questions, the answers seemed a little too slick and too rehearsed. Refuse to cooperate and you will find yourself in a bloody legal battle.

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