Online dating safety for teens lessons

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In order to prevent abusive and coercive teen relationships, young people need to develop healthy relationship skills.

This list provides a sampling of some excellent resources.

This is a fun site for teens with a serious message - it's not okay to harass the people you supposedly care about.

Through humorous videos and fun graphics, That's Not Cool gives teens information and helps them build skills for dealing with intrusive and abusive behaviors.

This short You Tube video is very explicit, but it is hilarious.

A young couple on a blind date start talking about consent, and suddenly lawyers appear to negotiate their sexual activities.

This set of books includes teen and parent versions, as well as an instructor's manual.

There are lots of fun and interesting places to go, but there are scary things out there too.This article discusses how partners treat each other, and points out potential difficulties in the areas of sexual, physical, and emotional health.Although this curriculum is designed for a specific population, it contains a wealth of information and activities to teach youth about topics such as maintaining personal boundaries, cultural influences, and red flags for dangerous relationships that could be used or adapted for a variety of populations.This updated version of the widely used Power and Control Wheel graphic is specific to teen abuse.You can click on a section of the wheel (for example, "Sexual Coercion") and more information will pop up, including advice from peer advocates - very cool!

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