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I'm not afraid of getting wrinkled and older looking, then losing his love, but it's more that I don't want to become frail and less mobile for him.Fortunately, my family has a history of having good health and living a long time.However, generally, men date women who are their age to a few years younger, especially when you have people wanting to have children. I would not date a woman over 35 years old and would date a woman as young as 22 years old (21 if she has graduated college already).Women at 40 years old are 9X more likely to have children with down syndrome than women at 30 years old.He doesn't attempt to control me and we treat each other with respect and as equals.He actually enjoys listening to my thoughts and ideas, and we can talk for hours.I won't make that mistake again if I ever get a chance to love that way again, I will cherish it. My fiance and I always joke that if "you don't behave, I'm going to trade you in on a younger model", we always have a good time and I probably have more in common with him than I ever did dating within my age range.

The cons for me are that I felt older with them, not younger, and was really afraid of what society thought, in fact, I left two relationships where I really cared for the guys, and they me, because I was so afraid! If you go not more than 10 years younger, I think you have the better chance of finding someone whom you can still relate too but is also fun because they are younger.

There is also lifting involved which will help maintain my bone density.

I think that the combination of an older women and younger man makes more sense than the reverse.

Honestly, when you look at sex drives and life expectencies, from a biological sense, it makes sense.

I'm in my best relationship ever with a man that is 23 years my junior.

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