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“Our community, if it means to survive, can’t expect to remain ‘pure’ in the way they call it,” she said.The 2011 study estimated that, if the Parsis were to include children of interfaith marriages in their 2051 population count, they would number 20,535—a 7 percent increase over 19,135 predicted under current rules.They face pressure from their families and community leaders to marry other Parsis, because marriage implies children who can inherit religious and cultural customs.Anita, the 35-year-old businessman searching for a spouse, has dated women of other faiths, but called the relationships “clandestine.” His family badly wants him to marry a Parsi.To maintain the Parsis’ current population, the group’s fertility rate would have to triple.In other words, accepting children of interfaith marriages might not be the key to community survival.

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The Parsis comprise only about 0.4 percent of Mumbai’s population.You MAY use this Online Community for ANY kind of Free Talk, Dating, Discussions, Gap, Meeting New People, Friendship, Find Love, Intimate Partner, Matchmaking, Romance,... NO MATTER who you are, whether you are Single or Married, Old or Young, Speak Persian (Farsi) or not, Zoroastrian (Zartoshti) or Non-Zoroastrian, Iranian or Non-Iranian, Parsi, Irani, From inside or outside of the country...Khushroo Anita, a 35-year-old Parsi, often dates women outside his faith when he travels for work. Khursheed Narang, left, and Meyer Amersey founded the Association of Inter-Married Zoroastrians 20 years ago. A sign outside a Mumbai fire temple limits entry to “Parsees only.” Under current rules, this excludes children who have Parsi mothers but fathers of other faiths. They’ve both finished school, established careers and grown eager to start families.He hopes to as well, but not out of religious or cultural devotion—it’s just easier.“I would be ready and willing to date outside, but if it’s something where I see opposition from my parents, from home or society, I don’t believe there’s any point going forward because you’re going to have so many roadblocks,” Anita said.

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