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In 2013 debut as director with "La Presa" that also edit and produce together with Carlos Clavijo.His last production, "Gernika" is directed by Koldo Serra (Backwoods) and starred by James D'Arcy (Cloud Atlas), María Valverde (Exodous) and Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean).In 1979 he moved to USA and lived 15 years in New York. In 2015 Jose Alba is selected by Variety as one of the 10 Rising Stars of Spanish Cinema.In the 90s, he became sportscaster at ESPN International for Brazilian audiences. Jose Alba has participated in over 15 feature films, producing six of them: "A King in Havana" (Un Rey en la Habana, 2005) with Alexis Valdés and Carmen Machi, "The Sandman" (El Hombre de Arena, 2007) starring Hugo Silva and Samuel Le Bihan, both distributed by Sony Pictures Spain, "Spleen" (La Noche que Dejó de Llover, 2008) with Luis Tosar and Nora Tschirner, and "Flipy's Camp" (Campamento Flipy, 2010) with Flipy and Ernesto Sevilla.He was born in Los Angeles, California to teenage parents in the small East Side town of El Sereno- an area best known by its residents as a hub for both Mexican culture, as well as heavy gang violence.A product of a broken home, his role models included Gangsters and street types who empowered him to join in when he was only 14 years old.Since making his acting debut as an extra on Sons of Anarchy in 2013, Joey has amassed 24 credits, including one as an Associate Producer for his work on Conflicted, a crime drama that features two brothers on opposite sides of the law who fight for justice the only way they know how.While Joey has spent the better part of the past three years playing gangsters, inmates, and recovering addicts on TV, he has actually spent a much larger amount of time playing those roles in real life.

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Ph D Dissertation; Indigenous Studies; Nde' Konitsaaii (' Lipan Apache Big Water People') history; Indigenous women's history of the Lower Rio Grande River, Texas-Mexico border; Indigenous human rights; the right to know; decolonization; historical recovery; critical memory; dangerous memory.He made a promise to himself and to his family that he would do everything in his power to turn his life around.Today, Joey is a motivational speaker and a mentor to troubled youths who seem to find themselves in similar endless cycles of pain and violence.Jose studied English literature at the University of Maryland, with special attention to Shakespeare, Mary Shelley, and Poe, as well as creative writing.Jose earned his Masters degree in Film and TV from Georgia State University with a full academic scholarship.

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