Shy mens dating behavior

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Watson was made uncomfortable by the situation, created a vlog post discussing it, and that post ignited a heated debate (which even drew in Richard Dawkins, many feminist rebuttals, and spiraled out of control).

The resulting "debate" has left many a man scratching his head and asking the questions, Clearly, men don't want to become the object of Internet ridicule or feminist scorn.

This doesn't mean that she is going to jump into bed with you right away..certainly assuming respect, courtesy, and curiosity isn't out of the question.

This reasonable assumption gives you the courage and confidence to move the interaction forward.

For those who do not know, Rebecca Watson is a feminist skeptic who recently blogged about an experience she had while speaking at a conference in Ireland.

Apparently, a fellow conference attendant attempted to ask her out in an elevator for coffee at 4am (in a shy, "geeky" manner).

A strong, confident man does not wait for "permission" to approach a woman.Something has to get the adrenaline, endorphins, and dopamine pumping. Too much comfort without any masculine're "just a friend".Asking them about their favorite color may make them feel safe and also makes you feel like a brother. Women need both safety and the promise of pleasure to be sexually interested.Leaning back, giving her space, with a calm demeanor works wonders to instill comfort in any situation (see HERE for more on body language). You can most certainly assume you deserve her interest.After all, you are a great guy, who has every right to think well of himself.

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