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In 1708 he moved to Weimar where he wrote most of his church cantatas before the Leipzig era.

These pre-Leipzig cantatas are not generally grouped as one of the five cycles mentioned in the Nekrolog.

Bach's earliest cantatas date from more than 15 years before he became Thomaskantor in Leipzig in 1723.

His earliest extant cantatas were composed in Arnstadt and Mühlhausen.

The expression "Weimar cycle" has been used for the cantatas composed in Weimar from 1714 (which form the bulk of extant cantatas composed before Bach's Leipzig time).

In Köthen, where Bach worked from 1717 to 1723, he restaged some of his earlier church cantatas.

The listing below contains cycle information as available in scholarship, and may include cantatas that are or were associated with Bach (e.g., listed in the BWV catalogue), but were not actually composed by him.Leipzig observed tempus clausum, quiet time, in Advent and Lent, when no cantatas were performed.All cantatas for these occasions date from Bach's earlier time.More recent scholarship assigns the qualification "between the third and the fourth cycles" to the few known cantatas written from 1727 to the start of the fourth cycle.there are extant copies by Johann Sebastian Bach and his usual scribes for 16 cantatas (JLB 1–16), covering nearly half of the occasions in that period.

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