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The group came in as strangers and left feeling as if they were family.There were amazing stories told by the vets as well as some of us pilots.The IAF is reviewing the feasibility of continuing such operations in the future and to the extent that such services are desired and utilized by the pilot community, they may be continued. Forest Service (FS) acquired the Reed Ranch as part of a land exchange in 2006.In July of 2014 two webcams were installed at Big Creek, along with a weather station. In 2011 one webcam was moved to Sulphur Creek and gives pilots a good view east from the lodge. Prior to FS acquisition the airstrip was privately owned; however, the owner allowed the public to use the airstrip with permission.Camp hosts included Vic Jaro, John Davis, and Joe Corlett. Skies were clear, and the temperatures were fairly mild for July.The Sulphur Creek crew included managers Val Dean and Kiere Schroeder as well as Kim, Meredith, and Elizabeth.

Sample plates, suitable for hanging on your wall (but not on your vehicle) are available for .Aviation enthusiasts have another way to display their love for flying in Idaho.By purchasing a "Fly Idaho" license plate, they will also be supporting organizations that work to preserve and enhance the airstrips that help make Idaho a special place for pilots.This year our guests included an amazing group of veterans and their spouses or friends.The veterans ages ranged a few generations from the Vietnam era to the present. P Aircraft, Arnold Aviation, Sawtooth Aviation, and Mc Call Aviation|Av Center.

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