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The question is: Does it make sense to upgrade a G4 to Leopard? But, I wonder if it is worth the effort and slightly higher cost (family pack vs. The G4s can't, for example, seem to be able to smoothly display 720p movie trailers in Quicktime. I seem to remember having very different OS install disks for my Mac Mini G4 and Mac Book Pro.i Tunes is fine but with only 512MB RAM (and I don't intend to upgrade RAM on these boxes) Garageband balks on even some of my little experiments brought over from the Mac Book. If it does then I will most likely upgrade to keep everything the same - if not then I doubt I will upgrade either. Leopard running on my G4 1GHz Powerbook - hm I don't know. I think with Leopard is the right time for more power!Well, I've had my Dual 867mhz - G4 for five years now and it has served me well. I haven't been able to afford it but I will probably get that or Leopard.Depends if I save up the money for Tiger and Leopard is coming out which is more likely to happen. Doug - look in the aftermarket - you probably can get 1 GB.As an aside, yes, I know Uncle Steve said that every version of Mac OS X has been compiled and run on x86 architecture machines - but that doesn't mean it was ever thoroughly tested on those machines.I personally believe current owners of Intel based Macs will see a lot of the quirky problems they're currently experiencing go away with Leopard.Everyone else - if you don't go with the upgrade, I just installed Red Hat Fedora Core 6 on my G3 i Book ('Tangerine Toilet Seat') and it runs quite well. If you decide to recycle the G4 machines, though - there is still a great aftermarket for them on e Bay.Perfect for fileserver, firewall, or home/business use. I have a 1.5 GHz 12" Powerbook with 1.25 gigs of RAM; Tiger runs just fine on it.

In fact I was quite upset when I heard of the delay because I can't wait for its ability to allow me easy remote control of the computer from 800 miles away :-) Frank I have a house full of G4's that I plan on updating.I'm definitely planning to upgrade my Mac Book to Leopard when it becomes available.And knowledgeable Mac users tell me that my G4 based Mac mini (1st generation model) and i Book G4 should be able to be upgraded too. If you are not going to give your old G4s more memory then I would not recommend it. The year I believe will see major upgrades to Apple laptops. According to Xbench the performance is about the same for Leopard as it is for Tiger. Michael, :-) A silly question - will the family pack definitely cover both intel and ppc editions?On the other hand, my G4 MDD Power Mac and 12"Al Book will be moving up to Leopard.Leopard's performance hits are barely noticable beyond what Tiger demands.

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