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(6.14) How do I configure my Sound Blaster or other sound card? (6.24) Does Solaris x86 support multiple processors? (6.28) How do you setup Solaris to use Time Warner's Road Runner cable modem service?(6.15) How do I enable the audio output from my CDROM to my SBPRO card? (6.29) How do I force the speed and/or duplex of my network interfaces (ndd(1M) doesn't work)?(5.14) * What's the difference between a Solaris HW and Update release? * (5.16) * How can I use GRUB to boot multiple instances of Solaris/x86? (6.0) POST-INSTALLATION (CUSTOMIZATION) (6.1) How do I add additional drives?(6.2) How do I add or configure users, printers, serial ports, software, etc.?(6.5) How can I improve disk and graphic performance?(6.7) How do I get Solaris to recognize generic network cards with well-known chipsets?

(6.17) Can I get a Sun-style keyboard (Ctrl & Caps Lock reversed) for S/x86? (6.31) Is Symantec Veritas file system available for Solaris x86?(6.3) How do I suppress the banner page on my printer?(6.4) How do I set up an HP-compatible printer to print Post Script files?(4.11) How do you create a Device Configuration Assistant (DCA) Diskette in DOS/Windows?(4.12) How can I get Solaris to see the third ATAPI controller? (4.14) Are Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices supported? (4.16) What's the difference between Solaris x86 Server and Solaris x86 Desktop? (4.19) What's the difference between partitions and slices?

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