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Every model also contained a hidden picture of a bloodied doll and an item somehow related to bleach.Her victims were killed in widely different manners, including bludgeoning, poisoning, and electrocution.Connections: Izzy Delancy sent out a PSA for animal cruelty against the chicken plant where Ernie Dell (Natalie's foster father), as well as Raymundo Suarez (Natalie's third miniatures victim), worked. In "Post Mortem", an elderly woman named Penny Garden was found dead, lying through her living room window.

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Natalie was the elder daughter of Christopher Davis, a talented ventriloquist who billed himself as "The Great Rainone". Natalie was jealous of the attention Chloe received from their father, but the two sisters got along reasonably well until their mother died.Her medication wasn’t found at the scene, leading Grissom’s team to assume that stealing the medication was the motive of the murder.This led to the suspicion that Penny’s reformed-junkie of a nephew was the murderer.Many of her victims had employed her services as a cleaning lady (paying under the table), and several also had connections to her foster father.The Miniature Killer's modus operandi is inspired by the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, a series of intricate crime-scene dioramas that are actually used to help train the Baltimore Homicide Investigation unit.

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