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Only a couple of things manage to carry this movie off, favorably.It's definitely the chemistry between two great actors a great actress, sorely very underused.Bigoted cop, Hoskins playing the role to a nice tee, suffers a major heart attack, after years of eating those fast foods, we so much love. Coincidentally, it's the slick lawyer of a former girlfriend/prostitute (the versatile Webb) he's been tailing.

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In a word, this phenomenon has been called "colorism." Colourism can also come down to a latent class bias: worldwide, lighter skin (relative to one's own people) has typically been associated with wealth and lounging around indoors, and darker with poverty and working in the fields.

See more » You get the feeling, right from the opening images, this is a too serious film to be a comedy.

I don't think I laughed at anything, except two things, and I'm not really sure if they were, that they were from this movie.

Stone is insistent that Moony not only take care of his heart now but that Moony solve his murder.

The second out-and-out racial comedy that Denzel Washington has starred in.

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