Whos dating natalie portman

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She runs to the boy when she gets beaten, but tells him that she loves the man and she can't be with the boy.She repeatedly runs to him when the man beats her, and yet again she says she can't be with him." comes back and begs me to catch her everytime she falls "... and she will always feel loved when taking drugs ........And the old man in the video is her pimp lol I think the song is about a guy who's best friend is a girl.the "watcher" man is able to go undercover and offer aid in the sense that he becomes her touch stone during this time, her smile is truely broken, literally from the wear of beatings and starvation. The mother is also very unhappy in her marriage and seeks comfort in her daughters boyfriend.She is love to every house she enters during her captivity, she decided that she would turn every bit of evil that was happening to her life into LOVE. it then turns into an affair and the mother becomes jealous (at the end when she can't handle it) and then the daughter finds out and the guy is made to choose the mother (who's married) or her daughter.great song love it!The mother is abused by the father and seeks refuge and love, and the guy's around, and he feels bad for her and is partially under her spell, and has a fling with her.

Find it hard for me to believe that this song should actually have something to do with a love affair between a guy and the mamma of his gf.She is always dating other guys who don't treat her right, and would run to him.He would comfort her and he loved her, and is waiting for her to realize that she loves him too.When I heard the SONG I wasn't sure how to interpret it, and thought that it was about a guy who had a friend who was a girl who slept around, and was desperately in love with her mind, not her body, and was willing to help her out with everything that she needed help with.Then I saw the MUSIC VIDEO, and I interpreted it differently: that a guy's dating a rich girl whose mother is way younger than her father.

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